Men's white gold ring: Classic and Pristine

The white gold ring has won the heart of many men. Usually, men’s rings used to get associated with less masculine and shunned. The white gold is actually made up of “fine” yellow gold and other metals such as silver, palladium or copper, they play a role to give it a white or even silver tint. Different types of allowing are used depending on the shade of white desired. The alloys infused in white gold can be observed by detecting the number of carats. For example, 20-carat white gold ring is made using yellow gold and palladium, while 18-carat white gold is made using yellow gold, silver, zinc, and copper. 14-carat white gold is the result of the fusion of yellow gold, silver, copper, and a large quantity of zinc. The combination of the various alloys produces different shades of white or grey, ranging from silvery to bluish or pinkish. Despite its name, it is quite rare to find truly white gold. In this case, rhodium or platinum plating is applied to add a layer of bright white metal. Despite these many alloys and combinations of metals, white gold remains a metal that is fairly resistant to shocks and scratches. The ring is a statement piece and the most popular one in jewellery since its existence. Whether made of precious metal or costume jewellery, it can be worn on the ring finger, the little finger or even the toe, it will never fail to make an impression. Today, because of its incredible versatility and subtlety it has made itself the favourite among all jewellery lovers. The white gold being the preferred metal by men is discreet and superb.


Jaubalet Care – Men’s white gold ring

The white gold ring requires some maintenance to keep its shine and allure intact, white gold rings will tend to oxidize more easily because they are made up of a combination of many alloys. The rhodium or platinum plating intended to give them a white colour will tend to lose its shine and turn yellow. It becomes necessary to get a new rhodium plating at your jewellers in order to restore their brightness and shine. Although white gold is more affordable than yellow gold, it requires much more maintenance over time. It is possible to have the rhodium plating redone every 2 or 3 years. Nevertheless, apart from this operation, it is not necessary to give it important daily maintenance, just avoid leaving it too much in contact with humidity, as far as cleaning is concerned, a wipe with a cloth is sufficient.

The virtue of the white gold ring

History of white gold ring

While rings have historically been reserved for women, there's no reason why guys shouldn't add something expressive and unique to their wedding bands as well. An artisan-crafted ring may bring out the best of male ingenuity and artistry, in addition to serving as a symbol of a man's married status. The tradition of wearing rings dates back to ancient Rome when women wore gold, ivory, flint, or copper rings to indicate their marital status and devotion, but males were not required to do so.