Alliance femme or blanc Alex

Alliance femme or blanc Alex

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Size Guide

How to find your finger size

Here are two ways to find out the size of your finger:

  1. Measure your finger by a piece of jewellery that you already have to get the circumference of the ring

  2. Measure or evaluate the size yourself. To Determine the circumference of your finger, put a piece of jewellery that looks good on a sheet of paper. Each piece corresponds to an interior diameter of a ring. The number is written in the centre which indicates the circumference. Once the size is determined, the circle that you traced on the chart must be visible on the inside of the ring, joined together. If you are unsure, we recommend that you choose a size above and a size below. You may also choose the interior diameter with a calliper of a ring that fits well. You will know exactly which one is the right one for the size of your finger.
  • Diamond
  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond
  • Rubby
  • Emerald
  • Blue Sapphire
    Blue Sapphire
  • Pink Sapphire
    Pink Sapphire
Colour of Gold
  • White gold
    White gold